Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sorel Compilation While Convalescing

For the past 3 months, the Grand M has been suffering under the heavy burden of sizable kidney stones.  If any of you have had the displeasure, you know the kind of agony they can bring.  One surgery in October successfully broke up the stones (pearl sized, they were!), and several weeks ago, another surgery took care of the remaining bits.  Truly, yours truly has been feeling severely under the weather and I've not been able to post to my beloved blog as much as my calendar indicated I was planning to these past 2 months.

My living room is chock full of sample shoes just waiting, rather impatiently, for me to put them on and be photographed in them, but I simply haven't felt up to it yet.  With any luck, I'll be back to my plucky, Grand M self in the next week or two, but in the meantime, I thought I'd switch gears and whip out some new, old school shoe blogging tactics, i.e., making lists of my favorites shoes of the moment and offering styling advice!  How novel, she says to no one in particular.  You really are a genius (she says definitively to herself, with much conviction).

Since December is well under way, the Grand M is in a winter weather boot mood.  Here are some of my favorites for the season:

The Sorel "Cate the Great" winter boot is truly awesome.  I tend to shy away from seasonal, all-weather boots, but Sorel continues to change my mind about what a snow/rain boot can be, and this one beats them all.  Made from sumptuous leather and suede in a gorgeous tonal collaboration of green and tan, with a faux fur ruff and whipstitching (not to mention a lovely, retro lace-up shaft) these Sorel's are sure to make you a convert as well.  Pair them with legging, velvet skinny jeans, tights and a sweater dress, anything!  LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

The Sorel "Tivoli" boot is another winner from this brand, and the Grand M simply adores the luscious brown, red, and white plaid upper against the tan leather upper.  Plus, the white and taupe rubber sole is just so chic, don't you agree?  A delicious faux sheepskin lining keeps your toes warm and toasty against the December frost, and they are the epitome of English countryside coolness during the cold and rainy season.  These Sorel's sure beat the mucky, icky versions we were forced to wear as kids!  Adoring all things Sorel right now.  


leggings baby said...

These boots are necessary in winter season. Winters affect kids the most. By wearing these, their feet will remain warm.

ricosta shoes said...

I'm so amazed of these two shoes. The shoe maker/designer cleverly used different materials to have different texture on the shoes. A very unique creations.

Gerri Ward said...

Happy Holidays!
Love Sorel and the pairing of skinny velvet jeans is a plus!

Amber said...

Totally smitten over that first pair of boots... wish I had them for winter! Maybe next year.

I noticed you haven't updated in a while. Hope things are going okay. How was your holiday?

Love & Cake,

gucci ayakkabı said...

its so good models. i like its. but what the price of this shoes ?

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