Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Easy Weekender

With all the holiday hullabaloo coming to a close, the Grand Mademoiselle is itching to get away for a weekend in the woods. Nothing sounds nicer than a small cabin by a lake, surrounded by tall pines that sing a creaky, squeaky lullaby late at night as the icy winds blow through their boughs. The Grand M is dreaming of Thoreau's retreat and the quiet of a forest floor coated in damp needles and soggy cones. Of course, the Grand M's adventures call for a comfortable and warm ensemble, composed of soft and easy fabrics that beg for cozy afternoons spent in solitude with a pot of tea brewing on the stove and a leather bound journal open upon a brittle wooden desk. Diane Von Furstenberg's elegant and simple Remy cardigan is the perfect woolly sweater to carry you through a chilly night. In a creamy waffle knit with cable knit trim, funnel neck, raglan sleeves, and charming brown buttons, this is how the Grand M does the woods. Slip it on and you can almost hear the hoots of a great horned owl echoing through the trees... A pair of chic and woodsy shoes like French Sole's Flamenco flats fully compliment the mood of a chilly and poetic New England retreat. The black and white wool tartan upper with dainty bow detail on the vamp evokes images of a day spent curled along the banks of a silvery lake, sketching a swan against the waning sunlight. Tote your plaid wool throw and papers in MARC by Marc Jacob's Pretty Nylon Tate tote, large enough to carry all your essentials and economically reasonable as well as functionally relevant, fashioned of durable and forgiving quilted nylon. Thus fortified against the elements, relax among the tangled thickets and dying downy cattails to write a gentle and reflective poem. All you need to complete the look is a rich imagination and a place to let it run wild.

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